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Dr Eran Bar-Meir is an innovative plastic surgeon, specializing in breast reconstructive surgery. Eran was trained and inspired by the leading plastic surgeons at the prestigious Harvard University Plastic Surgery program. Upon returning to Israel, he brought a unique combination of cutting-edge surgery and a special insight on the patient as a whole. This progressive and holistic view is accompanied by the highest level of service, care and understanding.
His original approach has gained him widespread popularity among women with breast cancer. Understanding the patients' physical and mental state is a crucial part of this challenging aspect of plastic surgery.

Blessing in disguise

When Lisa Cohen made aliya she found the country to be lacking in environmental awareness.

Making a blessing out of a curse

By Lisa Sanders for The Jewish News of London UK  writing about The Venus Project - the powerful BRACHA exhibition opening in Tel-Aviv

Israel: Cancer Without Borders is a 20 minute TV documentary looks at a group of Arab and Jewish women who have set aside their cultural and political differences in order to console each other through the shared experience of either having cancer – or being at a high risk of developing the disease. It seeks to ask the question ‘is cancer bridging the divide between the ultra-orthodox Arab and Jewish communities?’

In Israel 75,000 people carry the hereditary breast cancer gene BRCA and only 5,000 of those people know about it.

1 in 40 Israeli women carry a 90% chance of developing breast cancer due to being a carrier of the cancer gene.

Many members of the Arabic community within Israel also carry a similar hereditary gene with the same risks although it has not yet been named.

As tensions rises in Israel between the Arab and Jewish communities, the female members are being brought together by their unfortunate circumstance.

Israel: Cancer Without Borders was shortlisted for the Van D'Or Awards 2013.